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About Us

Green EU Mall follows several criteria in its operations. Our goal is to be among the top providers of hemp and/or marijuana. It is also our vision and mission to be the safest place for all your CBD and THC needs. We at Green EU Mall are dedicated to contributing to the EU by offering only the finest. We collaborate with a number of well famous and top brands and producers of cannabis products.

Hemp lovers can find what they are looking for online from our dispensary. As time goes by, most customers needs change while others remain constant. So, we work everyday to learn and provide these new needs so our customers can be satisfy. Our passion for delighting customers drives us to constantly improve on their behalf. Working backwards from customer needs, we always seek to provide the best and new products, add benefits and improve our services.

Green EU Mall takes great satisfaction in its offerings, pricing, and supply chain. We provide a wide range of products, including all the newest and top brands. Please email us if you are unable to find the product you are searching for, and we will try our best to locate it for you.

About Us

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