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We work with customer feedback so that we can evolve. Here are some questions (FAQs) from customers before.

Can i order and pay later?
Yes, you can order and pay later whenever you have the money to pay. No rush no pressure.

When can i expect my order?
Delivery duration depends on the shipping method you choose and how soon you pay for your order.

Can i place more than 1 order?
Yes sure, you can place more than to 1 order.

What are your payment methods?
For payments, we accept bank transfer (€300 and above), cryptocurrency (any order amount) and money transfer (€300 and above).

When will my order be shipped out?
All orders are shipped out or dispatch within 24 hours after payment has been received and confirmed.

Can i place an order via email?
Anyone can place an order via email if he or knows the name of the products they want and the miligrams. Do not also forget the quantity and shipping methods.

Do you offer next day deliver?
Yes we do offer next day delivery, just make sure you select it when you are placing your order.

Do you accept bank transfer payment?
Yes, we do accept bank transfer payment. However, this payment method is only available for orders from €300 and above. Any order below €300 is not eligible for bank transfer payment.

Do you issue refunds?
Yes, we do offer refunds. For any order that has not been recieved (lost), we will issue a refund minus the transport or shipping fee. Also, in case, the customer is not satisfy with the product, we will also issue refund my transport fees and packaging in case the package is open.

Any discounts?
For sure there is a discount. For all orders of €120 and above including any shipping method, there is a 20% discount. Use the discount code TWENTYOFF.

Why are you not responding to my emails?
We respond to all emails. If we have not respond to your emails within 24 hours, it means your email went to spam which is highly unlikely. Give us a call and we will get back to you.

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