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Payment Options

Most people find it difficult to buy or order online because of the means of payment. We provide the best, safe and fast payment options. They are discreet, secure and fast with zero middle man for any cut.

Bank Transfer: You can pay for your orders via bank transfer. We accept bank transfer from all Europe and international via IBAN and Swift Code. It is fast and secure but not 100% discreet. However, we only accept bank transfer payment for orders of €300 and above.

Cryprocurrency: An ideal payment method should be discreet (anonymous), fast, safe and convenient. We accept all types of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, USDT, Dogecoin, Ethereum and others.

If you will like to pay for your order with a cryptocoin that is not available among our wallets, email us the coin and we will send you the wallet address.

There are severl ways to pay with cryptocurrency but the best and easiest ones are moonpay.com and bitpay.com

Money Transfer: We also accept money transfer payment options like Western Union (WU), MoneyGram (MG) and others for orders. Although it is not 100% discreet like bank transfer, it can also do the job.

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