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How To Order

It is a always a hassle for most people to place an order online. We work hard to make sure that our customers don’t face hard times ordering from our online shop. With just few clicks, you can place your first order with us. Below are the steps on how to order from us.

First, go to or visit

Next, you can click on the titles below the image on our homepage to see the category.

Also, you can click on shop and it take you to our shop.

Click on the product category you want and it will take you its subcategories.

Click on the subcategory you are interested in to see the various products.

Browse the product page you are in and click on the product(s) you like.

Next, select the options or flavors (for vape cartridges and edibles) or grams (for weed strains).

Select also the quantity you want and then click on add to cart.

Then click on “View Cart” or click on the cart at the top right corner.

Once you are viewing your cart, you can edit the quantity.

Use the discount code “TWENTYOFF” to benefit from 20% discount if your order is €100 and above.

Paste the code in the “Coupon Code box” and click on “Apply coupon.” After that, click on “update cart”.

Next, select your desire shipping method and payment options.

After selecting your shipping method, click on “Proceed to checkout”

Now you are in the checkout stage the last process. Accurately or correctly fill in your billing details.

If you want your order to be delivered to a different address, tick the “Ship to a different address” box and fill in the address.

If you also have any instruction for us on where to drop your order in case no one answers the door, type in the instruction in the “order notes” box.

You can also edit your shipping method and payment method if you want to change it.

After that, click on “Place order” and that’s all.

You will receive an email once you place your order and we will email you a confirmation email of your order.

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