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  • Sage and Sour Hash


    Sage and Sour hash has overtones of pepper, lime, and cedar along with strong, gassy diesel aromas. The texture of Sage n’ Sour Hash is dark brown, flexible, and sticky. It tastes acidic and citrusy with hints of earthiness and gas.

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  • Selects BC Organic SFV OG Hash


    They evaluate what yields the best results in terms of flavor, terpene retention, and potency. After that, they choose one exceptional hash to be added to the Selects rank, although temporarily.

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  • Strawberry Banana Hash


    This hash’s high begins, much like the strain, with a gentle cerebral stimulation that enhances creativity and increases sensory awareness without making the user feel disoriented.

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  • Strawberry Cough hash


    It comes from the bracing, flavor-focused Strawberry Cough strain of sativa hybrid. This hash maker’s personal garden produced this strain, which is one of the harder to find sativa-based hash strains.

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