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  • ARTISAN HHC Cube Gummies 1250MG


    Each jar contains 50 gummies, each containing roughly 25 milligrams of HHC. Delivering to you the ideal dosage of expertly formulated HHC. These HHC cube gummies fruity mix is what you need if you’re searching for HHC created by a competent artisan.

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  • Shrooms HHC Gummies 2500MG EU


    Savor these imaginative, bite-sized, mushroom extract-infused HHC THC gummy cubes for a pleasant, natural high that will help you notice the little things in life. Mushroom blend per gummy of 300mg/gummy

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  • The Bored Gummy HHC THC Gummies


    Enjoy the thrilling high that comes from 600 mg of HHC THC with The Bored Gummy’s Berries Assortment gummies. The Bored Gummy HHC THC gummies is a limited-edition collection that aims to elevate your cannabis experience.

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