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Chill Plus Extreme Double Pleasure Gummies


Chill Plus Extreme Double Pleasure Gummies

Blended gummies from Delta 9 will provide you with an incredible experience by combining premium, distinct cannabinoids. The chill plus extreme double pleasure gummies 1000mg fresh blend delivers a special combination of cannabinoids. Thanks to Broad Spectrum CBD and delta 9, you can get a strong buzz during the extraction and isolation process!

The euphoric high from a Delta 9 mix is stronger than that of THC. It’s totally within the law. Seize them while they’re still available. Gummies that are freshly blended Each Double Pleasure gummy has 15 mg of Delta 9 and 10 mg of Broad-Spectrum CBD for a pleasant, even high. Double Pleasure is the ideal way to unwind with company or on a leisurely afternoon by yourself. One issue is that you must get yours quickly before they’re gone!

  • Total Strength: 1,000mg
  • Strength Per gummy: 25mg/gummy
  • Total Units: 40 gummies
  • Total Delta 9: 600mg
  • Delta 9 Per gummy: 15mg/gummy
  • Total Broad-Spectrum CBD: 400mg
  • Broad Spectrum CBD Per gummy: 10mg/gummy


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